Monthly Archives: September 2012

Salt and Straw: Ice Cream in Portland, Oregon

In line, we stood waiting, wondering, what would Salt & Straw have in store for three food loving, but most importantly ice cream adoring eaters?  As we neared the fridge filled with what I consider the best culinary invention of all time., my mouth began to salivate, it was almost ice cream tasting time, my […]

Weekend French Toast

French toast is not only for the weekends, that’s the most important thing to remember.  Savory, sweet, whatever, whenever. However,  French toast is a dish best served on the weekend.  It’s a brunch menu staple and a favorite to many.  Many of my food happy friends compare French toast around their cities just like pizza, […]

The Kitchen is Totally Bitchin’

Standing outside, waiting for lost friends, (The Kitchen is inconspicuously located in Woodstock, so keep your eyes peeled), Karen Dudley approaches a group of what looks to be lost patrons and invites us in.   We explain that we are waiting for the rest of our direction following impaired friends (they blamed the delay on their GPS… I blame […]

Travel Bites: Top 10 for Newbies in South Africa

1.       Hiking Table Mountain When South Africa is exemplified Table Mountain is the emblem.  It’s the perfect example of the beauty South Africa beholds, mountains jutting out of the land, buildings built around it and then crashing into the surrounding sea.   Cape Town is, by no exaggeration, a unique and awe-inspiring city and what better […]

Hitched in Key West

Besides for the attractive sandy beaches and the young and old partying till wee hours of the early morning “wooing and wahooing,”  Key West is famous for its (well deserved)  picturesque wedding destinations in America.   And, what’s a better reason to travel to a beautiful location than to celebrate the union of two people who…. ok, […]

The Legend of Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs

Legend has it, Biker Jim was once a repo man who decided to ditch his career with cars and live life to its capacity. Throughout his life’s feats and adventures, Biker Jim journeyed to Alaska making a friend who would soon be the catalyst for Biker Jim’s new chapter just west of the Rocky Mountains. […]

A Sunday Afternoon in Banana Bread Land

It’s exactly what it sounds like, your perfect sunday, waking up late, pulling open the curtains to see a rainy windy sky, watching the West Wing because getting out of bed makes absolutely no sense, followed by a late stroll to a good friend’s (and baker’s) house, to find the ingredients of banana bread laid […]

Oh-Lief Baby Shower

Oh-lief Natural Baby Products is run by sisters Christine Buchanan and Louiza Rademan. Their office smells of lavender and honey.  Their products: organic, natural, and sustainable.  Their shop: warm and bright.  And, their love of local: perfection. A few weeks ago, Milk & Cookies held its first POP-UP shop at Salt Circle in Woodstock.  Christine, […]