Slow Roasted Veggie Quiche

@ The Lunchtime POP-UP Shop

So this is love.  Cheesy, eggy, creamy, quichey with vegetables roasted so slowly they candied themselves into sweet heaven.  Gluten free not because they have to be, but because this flakey pea crust is so decadent it smoothly transitions the soft tender middle of the quiche with the outside shell.  The veg took over an hour of slow roasting, so I grabbed my Bossypants book by Tina Fey and waited for my midnight quiche to cook.

  Three hours later….. my trials were over and I started to consume my “tester” quiche without regret.

I’ll definitely post the recipe as soon as I’m done with The Lunchtime POP-UP Shop.  But for now, be sure to head to the first ever Milk & Cookies POP-UP Shop next week, August 20-24.

And, just another picture for good measure.



  1. This looks absolutely delicious!!

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