The Lunchtime Pop-Up Shop: August 20-24

Milk & Cookies is heading back to its Salt Circle roots, but sans the old market set-up. This time, we are going mobile, organising our first ever POP-UP Shop, with new yum-yums galore.

Take a break from your usual lunch eats and come visit Aug 20-24, when lunchtime stars will feature alongside classic cookie goodies.

Keep following for menu details, updates on more POP-UPS and how to get your M & C fix!

The menu will be constantly changing but here’s a sneak peek!

 This Mediterranean quiche has been perfected: eggy cheesy righteousness, decked out with sautéed spinach & onions, creamy feta, sun-dried tomatoes in a tangy vinaigrette, all atop a flakey pea flour crust.

And, they’ll be more where that came from.


One comment

  1. […] the recipe as soon as I’m done with The Lunchtime POP-UP Shop.  But for now, be sure to head to the first ever Milk & Cookies POP-UP Shop next week, […]

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