Nashville and the Farmers’ Market

Nashville is exactly like Memphis, but cleaner and with less bail bond shops.  The people are friendly with a sweet southern accents and the buildings have character that seems familiar to the state of Tennessee.  Everyone is curious to know more about you and genuinely are nice, which is, well, really nice.  Home to country music, Nashville is mecca for good down home southern tunes about tractors, blessing the U.S.A, heartbreak, and blue-collar hardworking middle Americans, the States foundation.  The drawl not enough?  The city center is small and approachable but has no shortage of shopping and eateries.  So, grab some BBQ, visit a bar with live music, soak up the energy of young hopefuls, visit the capital, and maybe even take a bike ride through Centennial Park.

Nashville’s Farmers’ Market

The yes ma’ams and how y’all doings charm the money right out of your pants and into the pockets of local owners making local goods at the local farmers market.  Open 362 days a year, it doesn’t matter when you arrive, someone will pretty much be there selling something, even if it’s clearly from China (not the food though, hopefully).  Vendors can come and go as they please, so best bet is to get there no earlier than 11 for the morning food rush.

Farmers, yes, real, local people running their own farms, bring goods daily to sell for prices comparable if not cheaper than the grocery stores.  So, if you are driving through and need some lunch or are staying in Nashville to get your country fix, head over to the NFM for good grub and friendly conversation.

The vibrant and photogenic goods:

Geraldine makes famous Tennessee chess pies; creamy sweet custard locked inside a buttery, but still sweet crust.  She assures her customers after one bite they will be asking her to deliver it half way across the country, and she will.  For 2 bucks, don’t resist.

Now that’s artisan popcorn.

No website but good pulled meat.  The peppered chicken had a solid kick, add the red sauce, and as much of any other sauce, for all under $4.50.

Cookie brethren.  Dozen is a local cookie shop that makes killer pecan squares.

The Nashville Farmers’ Market

Located @900 Rosa Parks Blvd,  Nashville, TN 37208

Hours: 8am – 6pm (vendors choose their own hours)

Phone: 615-880-2001


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  1. Here in Ireland, we have very few good farmer’s markets. Those that are good tend to be very expensive sources of fruit and vegetables. We need to sort ourselves out in this regard. Nashville looks like fun.

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