Reminder Recipe Trials: Crunchy Toffee Chocolate Covered Matzah

It’s exactly as it sounds, crunchy, soothing, chocolatey, and yes, it’s on that weird Jewish cardboard matzah.  Don’t stress, if you aren’t familiar with matzah, or Jewish, I too will not be giving up bread for any extended amount of time, and how dare you think I’d give up bread for a greater being!  It’s simply that this is so delicious and irresistible everyone will want it, including me, who loathes matzah on its own. But, chocolate and toffee on a salty oversized cracker?  Now that’s an idea I can become pious for.

These are the first trials since 2009, when I was teaching the youngins how to cook. .  Trying with margarine and not butter was an expected fail.  Looks like these babies are going to have to have diary.  Sorry all you Jewish moms who were hoping they could be parve (parve is the Jewish way of saying, it goes with everything… but more complicated and somewhat silly), these babies are going to have to be the real deal.

Just because they are made with margarine doesn’t mean I didn’t try each piece.  Recipe is down and will be coming to the website soon!


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  1. […] Toffie Pop Festival & the cookies being sold at the Fresh Food Design stall, I will be making Crunchy Toffee Chocolate Covered Matzah: salty, sweet goodness for Jews and atheists […]

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