Peanut Butter Cookie Pop – Colossal Fail

Cake pops are really happening at the moment with their cute decorations and small bite sized package.  So I thought, I should give them a shot . But in true Milk & Cookies fashion, I wanted to try to make cookie pops!  And,  thinking I’d be clever enough to make it with left over cookies, I started throwing ingredients together to try to make them stick.

Oh, they are gluten-free, so no flour to hold them together.  And there’s no butter either.  I was like a kid without glue for a 5th grade art project.

The result – failure.  I guess I should have started by making regular pops first and getting the hang of standard cake pop making before trying to be an artist.  I just get too excited and impatient and to be honest, this is not the first time I’ve failed at a baking experiment.

They look unappealing…. to say the least, the very very least.

Obviously I still tasted it.  Chocolate and peanut butter together, still good!

Nomnom, just keep your eyes closed.

Better luck next time, and by luck I mean skill.


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