Brunch at Salt Cafe in Bantry Bay

Let’s be honest, for most Capetonians, Salt Cafe seems a little bit beyond the reach of the pocket, ok fine pretentious.  It’s located at an expensive hotel that can be full of tourists during busy season.   And, after reading the ratings on the typical review sites, Tripadvisor and so on,  it was  a tossup between average and too expensive.  Redemption lay in its ridiculous sea views and welcoming modern decor.  The people had spoken, but maybe the people hadn’t had brunch, because brunch seemed pretty worthwhile.  Plus, anyone who’d had it may have rated Salt more highly.

The oatmeal was crisp and creamy with that nice minty accent on top.  Sure, it’s just oatmeal, but if you can’t get oatmeal right, you shouldn’t be in business.

Sneak a peak at the sultry food pornography.  ogle the fresh fruit, the crisp lettuce, the perfectly cooked vegetables, dripping with taste.  You can’t take your eyes off of them, they seduce you with their bright white plates and sexy clean lines.  When the waitress carries the meal towards you  don’t be surprised if your eyes light up and if you drool a little bit.

Then there was the roast vegetable sandwich with humus  which can go many ways: uncooked, mush, perfect, mush, and finally, baby food.  This sumptuous creation on ciabatta bread had a nice dynamic flavor without that soggy veggie tragedy that occurs when the vegetables sit in oil or aren’t cared for they way they should be.   It was only R45, on par if not cheaper than your average local restaurant in Cape Town.
And the salad, well a salad with lettuce is never going to be the best salad, less green and more crunch, please. They didn’t have that exactly, but they put goat cheese on which sort of makes up for the healthy greens and butternut, which doesn’t have to make up for anything because even alone it’s awesome.

Wake up late from your hangover or night of watching some downloaded series at your friend’s house and get a late breakfast, an early lunch, or a salad.  But, if you get a salad for breakfast, when eggs were an option, you should feel ashamed and probably not tell anyone.

Phone: 021 439 3354

Address:  29 Victoria Road, Bantry Bay

Hours: Early till 12:00am

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