Col’Cacchio’s Pizzeria

Whether it’s once a month or once a week, (sometimes more) Col’Cacchio’s is one of those places that you crave often.  And, once the craving hits, you have to get it, no matter what.  The cheese, the smells, the toppings, and the creativity, is what makes this classic Italian place a Cape Town staple, keeping the locals coming back for more and more…..and more.

The restaurant itself is worth a sit down, it’s loud and busy all the time; the best sign that this place has good food, really good food.  The waiters are friendly and patient as they wait for their customers to sift through the dense menu.  If you can’t decide, roll the dice and ask for their favorite recommendation, be adventurous and trusting, they know what they are talking about.

Mushrooms not for you?  How about butternut, barbecue chicken, rocket, avocado, olives, asparagus, sausage, pumpkin seeds, or anything else your foodie mind could come up with?  And, if you don’t see what you want on the menu, it’s ok, you can be your own chef  and create the pizza of your dreams with their local and fresh ingredients.

They also make the most decadent and ridiculously luscious butternut ravioli and other pasta dishes that are the type to leave you with a full belly and a stupid happy grin when done.  And, maybe a little unbuckle of the belt too!

If you don’t fancy sitting down, get  yourself take-away and order a personal pie that seems too big to finish alone, but somehow you won’t let it out of your grasp.  And, as the last slice quickly approaches, you’d more likely stab someone’s hand with a fork for trying to take it than let anyone else savor your last little bite, a right that you earned when picking up the phone to order in the first place.

Col’Cacchio’s is classic, good, Italian food, go forth and eat it.


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  1. […] Colcacchio’s always seems to be pumping, even on a Wednesday after the lunch rush has died down, the pizza’s still ordered by the many and the lovers of Italian food visiting this classic Cape Town staple day and night are always there. […]

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