Knead Bakery on Kloof

Knead is gorgeous, calling all food lovers to take a peek inside.

The fine wood sprinkled with flour, the smell of homemade bread seduces you once seated, and the magic of Knead continues for the duration of your stay and may even make you happy for the rest of your day.  Sit back, grab a cappuccino, and revel in the baked goodness.

The menu is littered with sandwiches on choices of artisan bread, roasted veggies, chicken with rocket, oven fired pizzas, and all of it is just so good.  The gluten-free bread tastes like real, yes you guessed it, bread (a feat not many bakers can accomplish).  Make sure to drink a cup of coffee,  a good one, which is half the battle of your day defeated right there.

Knead also serves iced tea, a rarity in Cape Town.  The British colonials left their mark in S.A. with their hot tea and most South Africans cringe at the idea of drinking their cup cold, but on a hot day fresh iced-tea is nothing short of world rocking.   While Knead’s iced-tea is a bit too sweet it’s got a great flavor, so order one and two glasses of water and share the love in two drinks.

The roasted veg sandwich on gluten-free bread’s touch of parmesan and generous dollop of pesto sandwiching the veggies together is a perfect little package of salad and meal.  And, the chicken mayo is rich and fresh.  For the light stomach get the super seedy toast and cheese for less than R15.

Any place that has the clientele photograph their plates, foreign and local, because they just want to share it with all their friends and by share I mean want to make them jealous, is a place to get good food.  It’s drool worthy and food pornographic, what more is there?


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