Arnold’s on Kloof

After tweeting, googling, and messaging around to find a place to eat some brunch on a Sunday, a task that proved to be nearly impossible, the classic Arnold’s on Kloof was the answer. Cape Town is so lovely, but convenience is not its finest quality.  It was open and served breakfast: those were the requirements.  Because, when you are craving some crispy bacon, an egg or two, maybe an omelet with sautéed mushrooms, not finding too many open places is, well, you get to a point where you’ll take anything short of a cart on the side of the road and if that was recommended it could have been an option too.

Luckily the world has been given Arnold’s. They have a satisfying atmosphere and a big menu with the closest grub to diner food you’ll find in Cape Town (other than Clarke’s). The view of Table Mountain from the picnic benches outside isn’t too shabby either.  The eggs Benedict were super satisfying especially for R40. They knew exactly how to poach them and keep that runny egg packed neatly inside. And, the burger was juicy hitting that meaty meat spot when craving indulgence.  The cappuccino was decent but don’t be expecting artisan coffee for R16, skip the coffee and get a juice.

Open on Sundays and every other day of the week just like it should be with food that’s reliable, warming, and shared with friends, Arnold’s is established as just that place.  So, if you are hung over from a long night out, or you just want to have a nice relaxing morning and then fill your belly  with the classics, head over to Arnold’s on Kloof.  Then take a nice leisurely stroll around the area to walk off that bacon (or more likely: run up and down many times).


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