The Cookies, The Cookies

Ahh the cookies, the cookies, the cookies, my life is now filled with cookies!  This week and last week were a bonkers learning curve.  Trying to tweet all over the show, post on Facebook, bake the cookies, and spread the word about the  Salt Circle Market.

I love meeting the people at the market, I absolutely love meeting these adorable, bubbly, American girls who are studying abroad.  We are on the same page especially for the things we miss from home, like …. cookies.  They are so enthusiastic and I tell them I studied abroad in 2005 and they say “no way” sometimes with an “oh my god” added in.  They miss their cars, like me. And, they ask what I am doing here and I say I have a South African boyfriend.  They go, “ooooooh” and I love it.

I love all the kids who don’t want to take samples until their parents approve and the sneaky ones who get closer and closer until their parents let them take a cookie.

If nothing else, all of this will be a great way to have met people.


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