Salt Circle Market, March 3rd –

Tomorrow is the second week for the Salt Circle Market.  I am actually exhausted.  I have been on my feet all day baking and, running back and forth.  I need to find a way to make things a bit more clarified and routine.  When the last tray was heading into the oven I felt accomplished and it was actually a great feeling to see all these cookies about the kitchen.  It was nothing less than photogenic, the s’mores looked thick and chewy.  I adore the classic sugars because of the vibrant sprinkles. And, the peanut butter cookies are just so decadent.

I’ve been having trouble with the peanut butter cookies sticking together, though.  Going to have to do some trial and errors next week, maybe more egg or something to make it stick.

I’d even like to create a new cookie, but time is a constraint, not having my own oven is a chore to try to experiment, and no car means lugging around the ingredients.

Had a bit of a freak out today about me getting places without a car. But, the I realized the most people figure it out in South Africa.

Excited for the market, nervous to see how it will go second week.


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