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Toffie Pop is Getting its Cookie On!

Cookies, music, food, funky clothes, booze, and cookies, sorry were they mentioned already?  Oh, yeah?  Well, just one more time.  Cookies!  Yes, the cookies are going to be at the Toffie Pop Market this Friday night.  Set perfectly in their happy environment of people who love food, Cookies of Milk & Cookies, will be featured at […]

Reminder Recipe Trials: Crunchy Toffee Chocolate Covered Matzah

It’s exactly as it sounds, crunchy, soothing, chocolatey, and yes, it’s on that weird Jewish cardboard matzah.  Don’t stress, if you aren’t familiar with matzah, or Jewish, I too will not be giving up bread for any extended amount of time, and how dare you think I’d give up bread for a greater being!  It’s […]

Oh, Dear Me, Oh My, that meal was good.

Walk down a side street, slip through the door, and end up in a small quaint place to chow down (maybe not even noticing the bar upstairs).   A little bit Alice in Wonderland mixed with a little bit hipster, there are plants hanging upside-down from the ceiling and whimsical detailing on the walls (see […]

Peanut Butter Cookie Pop – Colossal Fail

Cake pops are really happening at the moment with their cute decorations and small bite sized package.  So I thought, I should give them a shot . But in true Milk & Cookies fashion, I wanted to try to make cookie pops!  And,  thinking I’d be clever enough to make it with left over cookies, […]

Brunch at Salt Cafe in Bantry Bay

Let’s be honest, for most Capetonians, Salt Cafe seems a little bit beyond the reach of the pocket, ok fine pretentious.  It’s located at an expensive hotel that can be full of tourists during busy season.   And, after reading the ratings on the typical review sites, Tripadvisor and so on,  it was  a tossup between average […]

Milk and Cookies First Giveaway

This week on Twitter, Milk & Cookies held a contest to win a freshly packed bag of hand crafted cookies, the options were, S’mores, Mint Chocolate Chip with Fresh Mint, Gluten-Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, or The Classic.   Almost 50 people participated!  The winner will be announced today, Friday via tweet. The cookie winning […]

Tom Yum(my)

We all know that every neighborhood needs its good, simple, restaurants, that you can rely on when you refuse to cook, wash dishes, or make 2 minute noodles…. again.  Tom Yum is cozy, familiar, and …. yummy. Yes, that pun just happened, but only because it’s worth the cheesy descriptions. They serve really decent dependable South […]

Root Vegetable, Mushroom, & Goat Cheese Quiche

Quiche can be made with any ingredient as long as it has a crust, eggs, milk, and cheese.  It’s a very easy base that caters for any filling your little food loving heart desires.  When everyone is saying you are an unbelievable cook, you’ll know all you did was assemble, and that cheese and eggs […]

The New Cupcookie – Fresh Mint with Mint Icing

Unlike its brethren the fluffy cupcake, a cupcookie has a chewy center and a cookie crust.  I added some fresh mint that I cut up, after trying to boil it and steep it in milk, two methods that just failed big time. Added some peppermint chocolate, next week peppermint crisp, and made a bright and […]

Col’Cacchio’s Pizzeria

Whether it’s once a month or once a week, (sometimes more) Col’Cacchio’s is one of those places that you crave often.  And, once the craving hits, you have to get it, no matter what.  The cheese, the smells, the toppings, and the creativity, is what makes this classic Italian place a Cape Town staple, keeping the […]

Cookies in a cup shell – Cookie Power!

It’s the world’s most fearsome fighting cookie!   My flatmate has been playing the Ninja Turtles song over and over so…… What is a cupcookie you ask? Well it’s a cookie in the shape of a cupcake.  All the chewiness of your classic cookie with a dense inside and a crispy crust.  Yes! Cupcookies are […]

Knead Bakery on Kloof

Knead is gorgeous, calling all food lovers to take a peek inside. The fine wood sprinkled with flour, the smell of homemade bread seduces you once seated, and the magic of Knead continues for the duration of your stay and may even make you happy for the rest of your day.  Sit back, grab a cappuccino, […]

Arnold’s on Kloof

After tweeting, googling, and messaging around to find a place to eat some brunch on a Sunday, a task that proved to be nearly impossible, the classic Arnold’s on Kloof was the answer. Cape Town is so lovely, but convenience is not its finest quality.  It was open and served breakfast: those were the requirements.  Because, when you are […]

The Cookies, The Cookies

Ahh the cookies, the cookies, the cookies, my life is now filled with cookies!  This week and last week were a bonkers learning curve.  Trying to tweet all over the show, post on Facebook, bake the cookies, and spread the word about the  Salt Circle Market. I love meeting the people at the market, I […]

Salt Circle Market, March 3rd –

Tomorrow is the second week for the Salt Circle Market.  I am actually exhausted.  I have been on my feet all day baking and, running back and forth.  I need to find a way to make things a bit more clarified and routine.  When the last tray was heading into the oven I felt accomplished […]