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Week 1: A Medium Success

The Salt River Circle Market (Across from the Old Biscuit Mill) The first day was a bit slow, especially in the beginning.  From 9-11 I was able to count the cookies people took on both my hands.  At 11 though, the masses started shuffling through, the music was pumping, and people started scooping the delicious […]

Cookie Prep in Pictures


Saturday Feb 25th Salt Circle Market (Across from the Old Biscuit Mill)

Time to taste the flavored milk and cookies. Don’t let the teal building fool you, take a step inside to find there’s a gigantic space full of designers and young people who’ve recently moved in.  The Salt Circle Arcade (formerly purple), is aiming to attract the entrepreneurial youth of South Africa and it’s succeeding.  Woodstock is […]

S’more what?

Remember that campfire smell, burnt wood crackling, maybe some singing, but most importantly the s’mores?  A graham cracker with a Hershey’s bar and some lightly toasted, or burnt if you are impatient, marshmallow that melts the whole thing into a sticky warm dessert. This s’more has been turned into a cookie for a neat (ok […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Devine, decadent, and easy, I have found my perfect chocolate chip cookie and now there’s peanut butter in it!   Gluten free, these cookies magically hold together and break apart chewy and creamy. Ogle them, I have been for days.  What a struggle it has been to not eat every last one of these. 

Classic Sugar Cookies

I have figured it out… I think!  Classic sugar cookies with a Madagascan vanilla bean paste. Finding that a lot less butter goes a long way, I hate having grease on my hands after eating a cookie. And, i’m loving the little sprinkles on top.

Trial and Error: Cookie Mush

Show me a woman who has never failed and I’ll show you one that hasn’t tried and so I failed at this particular trial. Experimentation with yogurt fail and the oven without the bottom burner didn’t work so well either.   All of the above didn’t stop me from wiping up the half-cooked cookies with […]

S’mores Cookies with S.A. Flavor

S’mores with ingredients from South Africa. Fair Trade Dairy Milk Top Deck (milk choc topped with white chic) to replace the Hershey’s.  Dairy Milk is decadent and smooth. Marshmallows, not sure about the pink ones. Tennis biscuits for the graham crackers, they just don’t have them there, but necessary for that crunch.  Here they have a […]

Cookie Testing: Round 1

Chocolate Chip Cookies Round 1 Needs less butter  more flour and maybe something else to make it pop.

Milk and Cookies

In the next week I’ll will be fine tuning the Milk and Cookies recipes for delicious chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon cookies, and the third cookie will be revealed later in the week.  I’ll also be working on flavored milk, like chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. Excited for this opportunity to make cookies for people.  I can’t […]